Alternate Kindergarten

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A Play-based classroom environment is designed to engage their minds, meet their sensory needs, and offer practice with academic content.

Our classroom includes, math, science, books, dramatic play, sensory, felt board, and art center and more.

Many of the materials in each area can be integrated into more than one learning experience. 

Our areas are designed to have the children flow from one activity to the next with a sense of purpose. Our art center is a place where children can construct all sorts of creations. We provide a variety of mediums and materials for our children to explore and use to create. Pine cones, tree bark, and other natural treasures, creativity and invention stem from some of the simplest materials, and having access to these materials can make the difference in a child’s ability to learn.


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Our Location:
1870 W. Clarkston Road
Lake Orion Michigan

Monday - Friday
7:00 am to 6:00 pm