Health Resources

1. Oakland County Health Department 248/858-1280
2. Dr. Carl Sarnacki C MD 248/693-3551
3. Health First Medical Center 248/693-9040
Web Sites Incident Accident Reports

Should your child be involved in an incident/accident during the course of the school day, a staff member will complete an incident/accident report. The report will be placed in the family ’ s mailbox. Medication Policy Medication, including tranquilizers, sedatives, aspirins, dietary supplements, or individual special medical procedures, shall be given or applied only with prior written permission from the parent. There are medication forms at the check in table. Prescription medication shall have the pharmacy label indicating the physician ’ s name, child ’ s name, instructions, and name and strength of the medication and shall be given in accordance with those instructions. Infant/Toddler feeding policy Children enrolled in the infant through 2 ½ year old classroom must have all formula/breast milk bottles prepared and labeled each day the child is in attendance.

Be sure to prepare one more bottle than you think your child will consume in a day to assure that your child won ’ t run out. Prepared bottles must be stored in the designated refrigerator and will be warmed in a crock pot of warm water before feeding. No bottles will be micro waved. All bottles must be taken home by the parents each night to be washed. Children will not be fed directly from baby food jars, nor will the staff use previously opened baby food. Staff will mix baby cereal just before feedings. All unused food remaining after a feeding will be discarded.

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