The ultimate goal of discipline is to assist the child to become a self-disciplined, mature adult who accepts responsibility for his/her actions. At each age, a child can assume some measure of self-control, and therefore responsibility, for his/her actions.

The goal is to foster self-control and self-discipline, as it is appropriate for each age and to support the children as they practice and master these skills. Consequently, the following principles of developmental discipline guide the actions of staff: Understand developmental characteristics, behaviors, and needs. Be honest, reasonable, and realistic in the expectations of children. Focus on and give positive attention for appropriate behavior. Try to keep the “ no’s ” to a minimum.  Anticipate and plan ahead to prevent possible problems. Redirect a child to avoid potential problems or conflicts. Be consistent. Make rules that can be enforced. Identify and accept a child ’ s feelings. Correct behaviors by telling the child what he/she did wrong. Then, tell the child what to do in a positive statement. Remain calm.

Offer choices and allow children to make as many decisions as possible within the necessary limits.
The staff, parents, and any other persons are prohibited from using the following means of discipline while at Kids Corner Child Care Center: Hitting, shaking, biting, pinching, or inflicting any form of corporal punishment. Restricting a child ’ s movement by binding or tying him/her. (appropriate physical restraint may be necessary to prevent self-injury or injury to other persons or facilities).

Inflicting mental or emotional punishment, such as humiliating, shaming, or threatening a child. Depriving a child of meals, snacks, rest or necessary toilet use. Confining a child in an enclosed area such as a closet or locked room.
Our goal at Kids Corner is to guild self-esteem.  We need to build children up and make their day a magical memory.  When they are feeling secure the most learning will take place