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suebiddlekidscornerSue Biddle, a teacher, mother, yaya and advocate for play-based learning for children, a lifelong learner who never gave up on her dream of impacting as many children's lives as she could humanly do at one time. I have been the director of Kid s Corner Child Care Center for 25 years. This was my dream at the age of 5.

My experience in preschool was nothing short of amazing, and most importantly, loving. That has always been my drive, to give back. I am a very strong advocate for child-centered, developmentally appropriate, play-based programs. My philosophy has always been that of Bev Bos who believed that, given the proper environment, young children could choose their own learning activities.

She taught me to trust that children know exactly what they need. Bev did over 6,000 speaking engagements throughout the United States and Japan, and I was blessed to have experienced her love and expertise when it comes to children. She believed that the basics for young children are wonder, discovery and experience,” she said. “If it hasn’t been in the hand, the body and the heart, it can’t be in the brain.”

I don't believe that structure is the answer when it comes to young children, rather give children an environment where they can explore, develop a sense of self worth and know how to be with others in the world. I grew up in the small town of Lake Orion. I have been a resident of this town for 53 years. There is something to be said about knowing the community and working together with parents to provide a loving space for their families. I was raised in a family of three sisters.

Our parents worked full time and so we were in child care from a very young age. I had the perfect example of how the working family operates. The key is quality time when the family is together and finding a loving environment for your children while you are providing for the family. I have been both widowed and divorced and have raised two children as a single mom. I am also a yaya! (grandma) Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.

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Our Location:
1870 W. Clarkston Road
Lake Orion Michigan

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