Is Play Based Learning Right For Your Child?

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sciencekidsDo your ideas on early childhood education align with the fundamental values and concepts of a play-based curriculum? Please read the following information to determine if a play-based curriculum is right for your family.

  • Children are encouraged to explore their school environment independently and with the guidance of the teacher.
  • Self-created play is an essential part of an early childhood educational experience.
  • Children are encouraged to take risks under the direction of a teacher and will be encouraged to explore and learn at their own individual pace.
  • Self discovery and experiential learning are highly valued.
  • The social-emotional aspect of the child is highly valued, and the child will learn social-emotional skills through play.
  • Children will build foundations for learning in areas such as literacy, math, social-emotional skills, and life skills, and they will be exposed to these educational areas in a developmentally appropriate manner.
  • Children develop a love of learning through play.
  • Collaboration between the primary caregiver at home and the teacher is highly valued.
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